Wat is AutoMaticUp and ATM Ecosystem?
Auto$Matic Up, is the premier multi chain, strategic buyback, $MATIC reward token and ecosystem.
AutoMaticUp is BSC token and it will be part of the ATM EcoSytem. The primary aim of the ATM ecosystem is to develop staking pools to incentivize investors to hold their tokens. So Investors can stake their ATMUP to receive ATMROCKET as rewards. ATMROCKET will be used as the utility token for our ecosystem. It will also be used to reward loyal token holders.

NFT Trading

The first utility of the ATM Ecosystem is providing a NFT trading platform offering our own custom designed series of NFT collectibles.
  • Each series will have a range of unique collectible NFTS that can be graded (better grade higher value) and with a random chance on common, rare or ultra rare specials.
  • Collect them all. New series will be published in time making older series and previously published NFTS become scarcer as we go.
  • Real world TCG trading brought into the NFT collecting crypto space!
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